Our story


At its heart, Designer Websites is a small business that champions other small businesses. Our aim is to create partnerships that take our customers from good to great, and that allow us to grow together along the way.

Our passion came from humble beginnings. Two brothers that had a burning passion for their disciplines in creative design and development decided to combine their skills by starting up a boutique digital agency, ‘Paperplane Online Design’.

Although a successful small business in it’s own right, Paperplane turned a corner when a long time friend with talent in marketing and business development joined the brothers to reform as ‘Loud&Clear Creative’. Over the proceeding few years, Loud&Clear grew exponentially, resulting in an increase in skills, competencies, talent and, of course, clients.

Despite their growing success, Loud&Clear are still dedicated to growing small and medium businesses, and appreciate the support and loyalty of the SME clients who helped make them such a success.

In 2010, Loud&Clear decided to repay the small and medium business clients that had been so loyal to them over the years by setting up a division within the company that not only understood and took care of the specific needs of SME clients, but used the strategies that Loud&Clear had used in order to grow into their own successful SME.

Designer Websites was born.

By the end of 2010, the success of Designer Websites made it clear that the market was ready for a digital agency that catered to the specific needs of SME clients, while also offering high end agency quality and remaining sensitive to SME cash flow pressures.

Designer Websites was formally made a sister company to Loud&Clear on 21st March 2011. Designer Websites is currently headed up by SME expert and Account Director Martyn Coomber, whose team of designers, developers and producers continues to take Designer Websites from strength to strength, growing off the success it creates for it’s clients.

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