We’re pretty proud of the work we’ve done, and we think you’ll like it too. It’s great to showcase such nice websites, apps, videos and logos… and it also gives you a great idea of what each package gets you.

We don’t want to blow our own horn, so we thought we’d let others do it for us.

Still wondering if DW is the right company for you? Well hopefully these glowing reviews will help sway you our way!

Emily, Martyn & the team at Designer Websites have been great for me and my business by providing high levels of customer service and developing and implementing exciting new ideas and strategies to drive my business to new heights. Emily & Martyn have also been extremely helpful after hours and they always seem to understand my needs and what I want regarding cyber space web-tech-talk, even when I have no idea what I am talking about! Very highly recommended A++
Wine Auction House
I was given Designer Websites contact details by a colleague. He advised me that they had done some great work for some of his customers in the past. I was needing an up to date and modern style web site so I rang the team, then the journey began.

Designer Websites was on the ball straight away and travelled out to our workplace, we discussed my ideas and with their expertise we had some guidelines to build a new web site.

The comments from fellow fibreglass manufacturers was very positive as well as some of my new and existing clients. I now advise new and prospective clients to look at our site as it has become my tool for selling our business. Instead of carrying a heap of info with me I can access the site and show them all the info they require.

This whole process has been very pleasant experience and I have no problems in recommending Designer websites to anybody. They were very professional in the way they conducted themselves.

Revolution Fibreglass
Designer Websites created a website that went above and beyond our expectations. Their service and creative design was punctual and true to their testament of simplicity.

As a small broker and corporate advisory firm founded in the heart of Melbourne we were looking for a web designer that shared our passion for keeping up to date with the latest innovations unleashed via the internet.

Designer Websites satisfied our desire to create an accessible website that not only appeals to our existing client base but gave new interested parties a place where they could learn about our business, contact us and view our product. Designer Websites epitomises the essence of simplicity in regards to web creation and maintenance and our recommendation could not come highly enough.

Lodge Partners


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